Fuel for Good.

Drink good coffee, do good deeds. It’s that simple. With Booster Fuel, every cup of Intelligentsia coffee, bag of gourmet whole beans and glass of cold brew and cola helps fund Team One’s Do-Good Friday charities.

The Fuel

There are multiple ways to get your good on. Coffee service with fresh-ground, fresh-brewed Intelligentsia coffee and a selection of gourmet tea can be ready for your next meeting. Kitchens are equipped with premium brewing equipment to offer the same throughout the day. And, for Team One events, Booster Fuel offers pour-over service in the mornings and cold brew and cola in the afternoon. Best of all, every cup gives a little more to charity.

Want to take your good to go? With every bag of the following gourmet roasts ordered and delivered to your desk, you’ll not only pay 33% less than at Intelligentsia, you’ll enjoy an added shot of good karma with $5 going back to the community.


El Diablo

$15.00 Add to Cart

Organic Black Cat

$15.00 Add to Cart

El Gallo

$15.00 Add to Cart

Celebration Blend

$15.00 Add to Cart


Treat yourself or someone special to even more goodness with these convenient kits and gift sets.

Travel Kit

$15.00 Add to Cart

Pour Over Kit

$15.00 Add to Cart

Mug Set

$15.00 Add to Cart

Gift Set

$15.00 Add to Cart


New to the world of gourmet coffee? Learn how to get the most out of Booster Fuel.

Pour-over Travel Kit Aeropress

The Good

Proceeds from Booster Fuel support these local charities: